Cynical Warfare

by Hypomania

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the 1st demo album by the thrash metal band Hypomania


released September 13, 2013

Band members:

Thabet Abu-Hammad (Vocals/Guitars)
Mostapha Khreis (Guitars)
Zaid Alshamry (Bass Guitar)
Omar Shammout (Drums)



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Hypomania Amman, Jordan

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Track Name: Cynical Warfare
deadly chaos broke lose
with blood and ashes
brothers killed each other
a false catharsis

a blinded nation
in devastation
programmed mental illness
their destination

insanity took control
of mindless masses
burying their brains
in televised hearses

plotted by bastards
of incarnation
decorating their crimes
with god’s salvation

hypnotic media control
deception is standing tall
can’t take this anymore

cynical warfare is their game
shameful killing in god’s name
infernal plans & septic hands
took over the holy lands

young men die
in a fake revolution
smoke fills the sky
hell & damnation

lost children cries
thirst & starvation
fading innocent smiles
drowned by violation

a stupid man
fed with contradictions
is the perfect weapon
to carry their intentions

demonic ravens
conspiring horrors
from the shadows
they lead and he follows

(pre chorus)
hypnotic media control
deception is standing tall
can’t take this anymore

cynical warfare is their game
shameful killing in god’s name
infernal plans & septic hands
took over the holy lands

all i see in front of me
is a killing spree
lead by deceit

violent scenes of treachery
for greedy means
and debauchery

no devotion
chaos in motion
a constitution
of slavery

behold a cynical warfare
behold a cynical warfare
behold a cynical warfare
Track Name: Disciples Of The Screen
Looking everywhere
I see delusional eyes
Trapped behind a glare
In a hollow world full of lies

Captured in rosy dreams
With absent state of mind
Colorful virtual scenes
But morbid from inside

Twisted brand new world
Segregated Digital humanity
A cult of vile consumption
A technology worshipping horde

Corporations are pushing poisons
Through the3 veins of naive minds
social networks a dark construction
turning people into spies

You are enslaved
Brainwashed and contained
From you I redeem
Disciples of the screen

Creativity now is tamed
Became an evil tool in the game
Smiles & feelings got enchained
To pale icons of disdain

Hear my call it’s clear and loud
Don’t be a sheep among the crowd
Get a life, don’t fall a prey
For the smart drugs of today

Track Name: Prudence
Have you
Ever wondered why
This truth that you deny
always Haunt your thoughts
And intrigue you
Both the fools & frail
Are following the trail
Straight Down this hell
Of corruption
Since the day you’re born
To the day you die
All of what they want
Is to drag you
Do you see the terror that’s shaking this world
Can’t you feel how hate is ruining our souls
Ignorance, wars, greed & vanity
The shameful facts of our reality
idiots are swallowing whatever they’re fed
by the idols of filth and the venoms they spread
shadows of failure and the symbols they fear
don’t let them swarm you and lock you up here

this earth
won’t stop turning around
we crumble to the ground
Cursing all this darkness
Will lead us nowhere
Now let the logic reign
Break this mental chain
Of perpetual Defeat
And deception

No gain without the pain
No smoke without a flame
Ignite your soul now
And let it lead you

Holds the holy power
The key to flee this tower
Stand up for your rights
Control your fate

open your mind, rise above the dread
for now is the time to bash the living dead
don’t believe them when they say this path is set
follow your heart not the words they spit

stay strong, stay sharp and never give in
being blind hearted is the deadliest sin
bravery, curiosity, eternal endeavor
the true human nature & they are the treasure
release me !!
from the grip of grim

deliver me !!
from the chaos I’m in